£5000 household energy bill

By 2020 the average household energy bill (that is electrical and heat energy, not including motor fuel) will be about £5,000! – source Ernst & Young (one of the world’s leading accountancy firms) analysis for uSwitch.
Households typically spend 3,300kWh electricity each year and 20,500kWh gas; typically the gas bill is at 3.4 pence per kWh (£697) and the electricity bill at 14pence per kWh (£462). The price rates will vary according to circumstances. This makes a present average energy bill of £1,159
In 2020 on Ernst & Young’s calculations we can assume an average annual gas bill of about £3,000.

One third of the average gas bill is for water heating (source DEFRA & National Statistics). In 2020 the average family’s water heating is likely to cost £1,000. This will be unaffected by energy efficiency and insulation.
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