A smarter way to install solar power

I saw this product at EcoBuild and thought it was a fantastic way to retro fit solar; making it more affordable because it negates the need to fit a new cylinder. I believe we should all have a two panel system for under £1500 and this makes that very much a reality.

No replacement cylinder required
The Willis Solasyphon can be connected to the exising hot water cylinder with two simple connections. This is quicker, cheaper, and much more environmentally friendly than the alternative.

Delivers solar heated water in minutes
The unique and innovative feature of the Willis Solasyphon is the way in which it delivers solar heated water directly to the top of the existing hot water cylinder where is stratisfies ready for use at a useable temperature.

Produces hot water even in marginal conditions
In marginal or intermittent conditions such as are common in the northern hemisphere, particularly in Autumn, Winter and Spring the Willis Solasyphon will produce useable hot water in a way no other system can at present. One hour’s sunshine will produce one hour’s worth of hot water at a useable temperature.

Easy Installation
Fitting a Willis Solasyphon to an existing system is quick and easy to install and minimises any possibility of upsetting the existing plumbing system that can occur when you are replacing the existing cylinder with a new solar cylinder.

The Willis Solasyphon is much more environmentally friendly than conventional twin coil solar cylinder technology due to the fact that the Syphon is fitted to the existing water heating system, therefore reducing the carbon footprint created by installing the conventional solar cylinder.

To find out more interesting facts of have one fitted visit products.

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