Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Here at EcoPlumb we love the great outdoors and consequently we’ve embraced this product. It can be assembled in as little as 2-3 hours by two people, doesn’t rely on fossil fuel to heat the water and we can also arrange to fill it from rainwater.

Wood Fired Hot Tub
Wood Fired Hot Tub

Each hot tub comes complete

Precision-cut wooden staves
Pre-cut and assembled bottom ( comes in 2 pieces)
Pre-cut wooden fence components
#304 stainless steel hoops ( 2 pieces)
Pre-cut bench components
Pre-cut stair components
Cover (comes in 5 pieces)
All hardware & fasteners
Complete assembly & operation manual

Wood Fired Hot Tub 5-7 Seater

Retail Price:
£ 4465.00


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