UK “The Envy of the World” in Renewable Energy

The Government this week announced that they were opening a 12 week consultation period on the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Their proposal is to pay a subsidy to owners of heat pumps which were installed after 15th July 2009. The suggested figures are;

Ground Source Heat Pumps, 7p/kWh for 23 years

Air Source Heat Pump, 7.5p/kWh for 18 years.

What does this mean?
It means that for every kilowatt-hour of heat your property requires you will receive 7.5p for the next 18 years for air source and 7p for the next 23 years for ground source heat pumps.

For an average 3 bedroom semi this could mean around £1000 per year and for a detached 5 bed house around £2000 per year. This is a significant subsidy which will make the payback period even shorter when installing renewable technologies.

For a more accurate figure on how much your house could receive from the Government please call me on 07816 841319

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2 Responses to UK “The Envy of the World” in Renewable Energy

  • Jasper says:

    Some are a little worried about the RHI proposals for solar thermal. Rates of return, while still appealing, are going to be half those of certain other renewable heat sources.

    It is not easy to say whether that will affect SolarUK, designers of the LaZer2 solar hot water system. It is, however, encouraging that recent months have seen an upturn in the levels of enquiries from potential clients: they can see that solar thermal is looking more and more cost competitive with energy from fossil fuel sources.

  • Individuals and really need to be wary of buying into products devoid of carefully examining. New thoughts for renewable technology- mainly for micro-renewable energy are great and very much desired. Renewable energy devices require being strictly proven, commercially reasonable and suitable for their congregated location to be purchased by the masses.

    Currently, when it comes to wind energy, nothing beats the commercial scale 2-3MW two or three bladed horizontal axis wind turbine for renewable and sustainable electricity production in the UK, and major parts of Europe and the US.

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