£5000 household energy bill

By 2020 the average household energy bill (that is electrical and heat energy, not including motor fuel) will be about £5,000! – source Ernst & Young (one of the world’s leading accountancy firms) analysis for uSwitch. Continue reading

A smarter way to install solar power

I saw this product at EcoBuild and thought it was a fantastic way to retro fit solar; making it more affordable because it negates the need to fit a new cylinder. I believe we should all have a two panel system for under £1500 and this makes that very much a reality.
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Why such a long wait for smart meters?

I remember watching Joanne Carr of the charity National Energy Action explain (it must be more than eight or nine years ago) the benefits of smart meters to a group of the National Energy Action’s business supporters. I should explain that national Energy Action is one of those curious British institutions – a charity supported by the government and energy companies and other related businesses to lobby the government to abolish what is called “fuel poverty”. National Energy Action is in effect paid by the government to push the government to do more for those in fuel poverty. Continue reading

The UK needs immediate constitutional reform

There is a great deal of talk in the United Kingdom about a new constitution; we have been shaken out of our lethargy and belief that our unwritten constitution provides us with the best possible system of government by a terrible scandal in which it has been revealed that the majority of our elected representatives and some of the appointed representatives have been taking from the public purse for their own enrichment. Continue reading

Rainwater Harvesting in Brancaster

Average water consumption currently stands at a staggering 160 litres per person, per day. The Code for Sustatainable Homes aims to bring this down to 80 litres. How can we reduce this figure? Quite simply, we must all alter our behaviour and use less water. Rainwater harvesting can help us do this.

Installation of Graf 2700 litre Rainwater Harvesting System in Brancaster, Norfolk. Job completed 22nd June 2009.
Rainwater Harvesting System being installed in Brancaster, Norfolk
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