Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

We offer some of the best selection of Solar hot water heating systems available in the UK. Supplement your domestic hot water supply with solar hot water and save money and the environment. The hot water generated can be used for many different purposes including domestic hot water, underfloor heating and space heating. A wealth of information can be found on our specialist solar hot water site

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from outside sources that is then used to heat your home. Air source heat pumps are most efficient used with underfloor heating although these air to water source heat pumps can be used with conventional radiators. Compared to traditional domestic heating solutions air to water source heat pumps offer some major benefits as they don’t rely on Gas or Oil, only electricity, there is no reason to store fuel.

Rainwater Harvesting

Installing a rainwater harvesting system in your home offers many advantages as well as reducing your domestic water bills by up to 60%. The water collected from our rainwater harvesting systems can be used to flush toilets and run domestic appliances. In hard water areas harvested rain water, being softer, will prolong the life of your washing machine and allow you to use less detergents.

High Efficiency Condensing Boilers

Modern high efficiency condensing boilers really are a greener way to heat your home. A condensing boiler doesn’t waste the exhaust heat like a traditional boiler. Instead this heat is also used to provide your hot water increasing the efficiency of the boiler to over 90% compared to traditional boilers 55-65%. We supply and fit Greenstar high efficiency boilers from the Worcester Bosch Group.

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